"It seems that within the past several years businesses of every stripe are relying more and more on video and animation to get their message across to consumers. Accordingly, a lot of studios have popped up to meet that growing demand for video, but it’s caveat emptor with some of these studios being much better to work with than others. Without a doubt, Reggie is one of the top animators in the business and one of’s most valued business partners. We’ve worked on several projects together over the years and I’ve been very pleased with the results.


The hardest part of any animated project is trying to translate a vague idea or argument into a visually appealing and entertaining video. In short, you’re trying to sell people on your business without people realizing that they are being sold. Reggie has that great and rare ability to interpret our branding and our messaging and translate that into the audiovisual medium in a way that is always entertaining, polished and professional without being too in your face about it.


More than anything, Reggie just seems to “get it” regardless of what kind of project we are working on. I personally love working with people like Reggie that are cool, talented and working at the top of their game."